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Next-Level Culinary Experiences… Inspired by ‘The Pursuit of Deliciousness”

Chefs Nate and Brian Invite You to Dinner at Jimmy’s


Chefs Nathan Varney and Brian Stuart have a lot on their plate these days at Jimmy’s Jazz & Blues Club, creating intimate culinary experiences that pair well with the new club’s soul-stirring musical experiences.

That said, they’d like to pause for a moment to cordially invite you to stop by Jimmy’s for dinner and a show.

“Being ushered up the stairs into our club and escorted to your table to enjoy a great meal before seeing a world-class musical performance makes for a truly incredible night on the town,” says Chef Nate, who serves as Corporate Chef for club founders Michael and Peter Labrie’s growing family of restaurants.

Now orchestrating the culinary experience in the small but might kitchen just off the main stage, is Chef Brian, newly promoted to his role as Executive Chef at Jimmy’s.


Meet Chef Brian – Culinary Conductor at Jimmy’s Jazz & Blues Club

Chef Brian Bio

Having served as Executive Sous Chef since club’s grand opening in September 2021, Brian says he is excited about “working hand in hand with Chef Nate” to create an innovative, flavor-packed menu that aligns with their thoughtful approach to the art and science of cooking (especially that culinary chemistry!) and their shared commitment to what Nate calls “the pursuit of deliciousness.”

Fine dining enthusiasts take note. The chefs are also considering putting a crustacean twist on their ever-popular Salmon Etouffee, a dish that would showcase a North Atlantic delicacy that is loved the world over.

In a job that demands seamlessly serving up mouth-watering dishes to patrons gathered in the breathtaking (circa 1905) concert venue to witness top-tier musical performances from such iconic artists as Herbie Hancock and Wynton Marsalis, “Nate and I are continually looking at it from all angles to figure out what works best for us, in terms of behind-the-scenes execution, to ensure that our guests’ experience is perfect from beginning to end.”

Together, they and their team blend southern-influenced styles, techniques and spices; fresh, locally sourced ingredients; and personal connections with area farmers and fishermen; to create their own special version of New Hampshire-inspired cuisine.

“Nate and I are sourcing local ingredients and establishing relationships with New Hampshire farms,” says Brian. “Going out and seeing how these super fresh ingredients will make their way to the plate, paired with Nate’s enthusiasm, is infectious. It’s incredible.”

Talking with Chef Nate about their shared passion for making the culinary experience at Jimmy’s something truly special, you hear a sense of reverence in his voice as he speaks about “showing respect” to the ingredients and the farmers who cultivate them.

His approach to serving dinner guests at Jimmy’s is also personal, seasoned with a dash of “we made this especially for you.” Says philosopher-chef Nate, “If you cook selflessly, I think that translates into flavor on the plate.”

And make no mistake, says Chef Brian, “the driving factor is the flavor.”

They employ multiple techniques to cook everything from their farm-fresh vegetables to their proteins (for example, the locally caught seafood and southern Maine farmer Tom Hasty’s pork) — continually exploring new ideas and asking, “is this something we can do to introduce more flavor to it?”

The dining experience at Jimmy’s Jazz & Blues Club also benefits from synergy between the talented culinary professionals at The Labrie Group’s other restaurants — The Atlantic Grill in Rye, the popular waterfront River House in downtown Portsmouth and now, right next door on Bow Street, Rio Tequila Cantina (aka, Rio), site of the former Poco’s.

“Part of what we do in The Labrie Group is to bring the highest skilled chefs we can into each restaurant, which really makes my job a lot easier,” says Nate, whose role as corporate chef also includes mentoring and fostering an open line of communication between the restaurants to tap his team’s deep, wide areas of expertise, all while “trying to have a positive impact on the local culinary culture as a whole.”

To book your next enchanted evening at Jimmy’s, simply:

  1. Review our stellar lineup of upcoming shows.
  2. Purchase your tickets through our easy-to-use Ticketmaster box office.
  3. Arrive two hours before showtime, check out the menu and enjoy some fine food and drink before the main event.

In addition to the ongoing pursuit of musical excellence, the pursuit of deliciousness takes center stage here at one of the nation’s hottest new jazz and blues clubs. Chefs Brian and Nate, and the entire team, look forward to seeing you soon at Jimmy’s.