Greetings from the top floor of Jimmy’s On Congress!

One of the best views in the house…well, maybe not at this very moment, but just go with us on this one and take a peek into our construction progress.

The photo above shows what will be the future concert hall, and was the original gymnasium of the YMCA.

And no, that floor isn’t permanent – it’s a temporary setup so our construction team can have access to what will be the finish ceiling. And see those large wooden boxes that kind of look like kitchen cabinets? They’re going to be a coffered ceiling. These blocks were built offsite and will be attached to the existing ceiling to create a coffered ceiling above the performance space.

In the distance, at the top of the photo, you can see the arch of the original stage proscenium. And if you peek below the temporary floor, you can see the framing for what will be the new curved stage, sitting on top of the original gym floor.

When the Labries first purchased this building and ventured above what used to the the Sake Restaurant, this gymnasium space was essentially a time capsule – so we are thrilled to be able to preserve certain elements of this historic building, while also reviving it’s role as a place to assemble.