Imagine the sounds of incredible jazz musicians playing just beyond the balcony where you are sitting, sipping on a top shelf cocktail. Sound good to you? Us too. That’s why we are paying attention to every tiny detail when dreaming up our VIP lounge on the top floor of Jimmy’s On Congress.

The picture above shows what will be the VIP lounge. There will be an open railing looking down onto the new stage and jazz hall. All the way through that same space, on the far wall, you can see the top of the original curved YMCA windows.

In the middle of the frame is what will be the new finish ceiling for the concert hall. Up in the ceiling you can see the original wood trusses which have been reinforced to support the new loads above on the roof. You can also see the new light fixtures, and new ductwork for all the new heating, ventilating and air-conditioning equipment.

At the top of the frame you can see the opening for what was the original antique skylight. The new skylight was recently installed in that exact same location. With each day on site, we are seeing exciting progress and are counting down the days until we can share our labor of love with you, our supporters and music lovers…and that’s something we can all say “cheers” to.