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In the Kitchen with Chef Nate

From the Farm to the Plate: Dinner is Served at Jimmy’s

Situated on Rustlewood Farm, the town’s last remaining dairy farm, on Wilson Road (Route 101), Rick and his wife Holly started Greenlaw Gardens about a decade ago as a small farmstand and now serve well over a dozen area restaurants plus local school cafeterias.

Special Events Are Extra Special at Jimmy’s

When you take a peek inside Jimmy’s, it is easy to imagine a lavish soiree at this spectacularly restored 1905 downtown Portsmouth landmark. Or an important corporate function, fundraiser or memorable private party. Or a bride and groom exchanging their vows on the grand stage where top-tier jazz and blues artists pour their emotions into making music that inspires the heart and soul.

Meet Chef Brian – Executive Chef at Jimmy’s Jazz & Blues Club

Newly promoted to Executive Chef, Brian had served as Executive Sous Chef since the club’s grand opening in historic downtown Portsmouth, NH, in September 2021. He recently took a few moments to talk about the enthusiasm and creativity he brings to the job of making dining at Jimmy’s an experience that is memorable and fulfilling.

Choreographing A Kitchen

Most people walk into the new kitchen and think, “Uhh Nate, that’s a small kitchen- how will you feed 500 people at once?” The way we’ve designed the kitchen is compact but efficient. When we’re on the line, we won’t have to move and can reach everything. We also have...

How About Them Apples?

During a recent culinary exploration in our kitchen, we bought all of the “seconds”- you know, the apples that aren’t perfectly shaped for your grocery store display...but it’s the same damn apple. So anyway, we bought all of these seconds from Three River Farmer’s...

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